We met over social media in a moment in which our profession needed to be reinvented. It was professional love at first sight. We started commenting one another’s posts and, before we knew it, we were working together.

We’re three voice talents with wide experience in production, who share professional and life goals. We complement each other and have a lot of fun together.

A job well done, effectiveness and a pleasant work environment are the things we like and, when we set a goal, nothing stops us until we’ve met it. Together we’ve managed to accomplish great achievements, like recording more than 4,000 voices with different Spanish accents for a demanding Japanese client; recording projects in 25 languages for the European Commission with a very tight deadline, and experimenting how working, having fun and aiming for excellence can all be done at the same time.

_Personal ANGEL

Angel Bernardi

My career started a few decades ago. Yet, I still learn and improve every day. I’ve worked as a radio and television voice talent, entrepreneur and university teacher, but always kept close to my passion: verbal communication. I balance work with my children, sports, and good music.

I like artlessness. I can’t stand artificial intonations, as I can’t stand the egotism that often comes with this profession. The voice should serve as a way of delivering an effective message, without stridency, and the voice talent should be the vehicle and not the star of the story told.

When I was young, I used to be chosen as narrator for school plays, but I wanted to be like everyone else and play a character. Now I enjoy narrating and make a living out of it. Maybe I should thank those teachers.

Sacha Criado

Specialist in coordinating projects in several languages. Corporative voice for companies from all over the globe. I’m a perfectionist, I get personally involved in every project and make sure that every detail is right. Good relationships with voice talents and technicians are, from my point of view, the key to being able to offer a quality work to our customers.

I’ve been a jack of all trades in the course of my career: violinist, Music teacher, psychotherapist, call center supervisor in a multinational company and, last but not least, voice talent and producer. I love traveling with my family and for a few years, thanks to the Internet, we’ve traveled wherever the wind took us. Music, movies, dancing, and meditation are my tools to recharge my batteries.

Personal Sacha

Miguel Martín

The power of imagination – creative, messy, absent-minded, communicator, always willing to help, in permanent search for the perfect sound mix (each sound needs to be in the right place). A young voice, I started making ads for Spotify; now I’m the corporative voice of Megastar FM and I announce classes and activities for the Go Fit gyms address systems.

I love creating stories from thin air and bringing characters to life using my voice. Although I work mostly on line, I definitely enjoy the jobs that require direct (analogical) contact with people. Italian food is my weakness. I couldn’t live without sports, I like to feel healthy. If I ever get lost, come find me at some London street that speaks of Dickens and Victorian detective stories.